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diploma in horticulture


Cultivate Your Future with Our Horticulture Courses

Are you a plant enthusiast looking to deepen your understanding of the botanical world? Do you dream of designing your own garden sanctuary? Our courses in horticulture are designed to help you turn these dreams into reality.

Deepen Your Understanding of the Botanical World

Imagine a learning experience that allows you to delve into the fascinating world of plants and gardening. Envision yourself mastering the art of garden design, all from the comfort of your home or in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The Diploma in Horticulture: Designed for Passionate Plant Lovers

Our Diploma in Horticulture is a comprehensive course that caters to individuals who are passionate about plants and eager to expand their gardening skills. This course takes you on a journey from the basics of gardening to the more complex aspects of horticulture.

The best part? There are no exams or assessments to worry about.

Nurture Your Love for Horticulture with Us

Our aim is to nurture your love for horticulture and provide you with the practical skills needed to create your own garden masterpiece.

As a beginner’s gardening course, we ensure that the learning process is enjoyable and manageable. Our expert horticulturists are there to guide you, imparting their extensive knowledge and sharing their love for plants.

So, why not take the leap? Sign up for our Diploma in Horticulture and let your passion for gardening flourish. The world of horticulture is a vast and beautiful garden, and it’s waiting for you to explore.

Remember, every master gardener started as a beginner. Begin your journey today, and you might just become the next big name in horticulture.

diploma in horticulture

About Us

Meet John Horsey: The Mastermind Behind Our Horticulture Courses

Welcome to our horticultural sanctuary, spearheaded by the RHS award-winning horticulturist, John Horsey Cert Ed MA. With over four decades of experience in the industry, John brings a wealth of knowledge to our online courses. His journey, from a landscape gardener and commercial grower to a renowned horticultural and environmental lecturer, is a testament to his passion and expertise.

From Landscape Gardener to Renowned Horticulturist

John’s career began in a commercial nursery and blossomed into establishing his own maintenance and landscape company, focusing on wildlife gardening. He later founded a nursery specialising in alpines, aquatics, and unusual perennials.

John’s Lifelong Dedication to Horticulture

His lifelong dedication has earned him numerous accolades at major RHS shows and other gardening events.

Fuelled by a lifelong fascination with the natural world, John has traveled extensively throughout Europe, studying plants and animals.

Our Diploma in Horticulture: A Journey into the Botanical World

His commitment to conservation, sustainability, and ecology is reflected in our Diploma in Horticulture. This course, like all our offerings, is designed to provide a detailed understanding of horticulture, garden design, and garden history, without the stress of exams or assignments.

Embracing the Natural World: The Core of Our Diploma in Horticulture

Join us on this journey of learning and growth. Immerse yourself in the world of horticulture and let your passion bloom. Upon successful completion, students are awarded the appropriate certificates.

Sign up today and cultivate your future with us.