Dividing Perennials

Dividing Perennials


Agapanthus “Indigo Dreams”


We have chosen Agapanthus ‘Indigo Dreams’ to show how to divide your perennial plant.

Agapanthus bloom in summer with large, mainly blue flowers. Furthermore, they are very good as container plants and the evergreen forms are not so hardy so need to be brought inside for Winter.

Agapanthus look stunning in your summer borders too.

Most Agapanthus are hardy with their leaves dying back in Winter.

Quick tip: The thinner the leaf the hardier the plant.

Originally from South Africa, they look great amongst ornamental grasses, goldenrod and rudbeckias.

Agapanthus “Midnight Blue”

How Often?

When looking after your perennials, they should really be lifted, divided and replanted every 3 to 5 years and which will give you lovely, new, healthy plants for your garden.

When to Divide

Wait until your plant is dormant in the late Autumn or early Spring to divide it.

What We Did

Be very careful not to damage the roots when undertaking dividing.

We have lifted our Agapanthus out of its container and have carefully removed any detritus and shaken off as much loose soil as we can.

Our plant was big with fleshy roots so we found a natural break, get a couple of large forks and gently placed them in between any new shoots and pushed down gently pulling it apart.

Juno helping

Once we had divided the plant into several clumps, we were then able to place two hand forks back-to-back in the middle of each clump and gradually teased each plant apart with the prongs.

We kept going with each clump to divide our plant into as many sections as we wanted.


We tidied up our plant by discarding old growth from the centre and also any separate stems which were growing at the sides.

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