Growing Sweet Pea Seeds

Growing Sweet Pea Seeds


Growing Sweet Pea Seeds using Loo Roll!

Whilst thinking about growing sweet pea seeds, at the time of writing, we are still in lockdown and for a couple of weeks previously when there was much in the press about panic buying, loo rolls were the product du jour.

This tip for growing sweetpeas is great for using up any loo rolls that you may have spare and it works a treat.

Which One to Choose?

sweet pea flower
Lathyrus latifolius kefallinia

When growing sweet pea seeds, you need to have a think about choosing between annual and perennial Lathyrus. One of the main considerations is scent. Lathyrus oderatus (annual) is very fragrant and is lovely for blooms to be picked for indoors. The perennial Lathyrus (e.g. Lathyrus latifolius) are generally unscented.

Annuals or Perennials?

You will also want to decide on annuals or perennials. Lathyrus oderatus, which are very easy to grow from seed, die after setting seed in one year but the perennial species return year after year – there are not as many to choose from and are not as sweet smelling.


The annuals have the most colours and the perennials can have more unusual colours such as orange and yellow making a varied pool to choose from.

Not All are Climbers

As most Lathyrus are climbers they need supporting on canes or they can be grown up other shrubs. There are forms that “clump” e.g. Lathryrus vernus which do not need support and are great container plants or ground cover.


Annuals should be sown in either October or November, late January to April and then planted out in April.

Perennials should be planted in Springtime or Autumn.

The National Sweet Pea Society has good tips and hints for growing and caring for sweet peas.

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