How to Chit Potatoes for Spring!

How to Chit Potatoes for Spring!

How to Chit Potatoes – this video shows you how to sprout potatoes inside before planting out in the garden. What’s more, this is very child-friendly and great to get them involved!

We are chitting Arran Pilots and Kestrels in empty egg boxes – space saving and very quick to do.

When people talk about how to chit potatoes, they mean getting potatoes to sprout indoors before planting out in the garden. Chitting can be done with either early or main crop potatoes.

Early potatoes can be started indoors in February and then planted out into the garden just before Easter. They should be eating-ready by mid-Summer.

If you are planning on using a main crop variety, then plant them out in your garden early April.

Buying seed potatoes will mean they are certified disease free – don’t use the ones you buy from the supermarket.

Quick & Easy Tutorial for Chitting (i.e. Sprouting)

Chitting potatoes in egg boxes
Place your potatoes in the egg box with the “eyes” facing up

Once you have prepared your potatoes in their egg boxes, leave in a warm, light place to sprout. Once the sprouts are around 2cm in height it’s time to plant them out.

You Can Also:

A space-saving option when planting out is using an old plastic bag (good re-use of plastic) e.g. compost bag or fertiliser bag. See how to do this here in our video which is also a great lesson in intercropping!

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