How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes from Seed

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes from Seed


“Gardener’s Delight” – A Sweet & Juicy Bush Tomato

So how to grow cherry tomatoes from seed? Our variety which we love is the bush tomato “Gardener’s Delight” and is shown in the video tutorial below.

This sweet, juicy cherry tomato does not need staking out and has bite-sized fruits.

With its long trusses of red tomatoes, “Gardener’s Delight” is just right for snacks or popping in the children’s lunch boxes and of course full of Vitamin C.

To grow, “Gardener’s Delight” is very reliable and trouble free and you will be rewarded with lovely rich, sweet and juicy tomatoes straight from the bush. As always watch out for those slugs and snails! Click here for advice on how to deal with those.

As a bush tomato, “Gardener’s Delight” is suitable for growing in hanging baskets and pots and you won’t need to remove any side shoots – which you do if you grow cordon tomatoes.

When to Sow

If you want to grow them outside you can sow from late March to early April but sow earlier – late February to mid-March if you want to grow your tomatoes in a greenhouse.

Easy to Grow

Caring for your Seedlings

Keep watering your seeds regularly and keep the compost moist – intermittent moisture levels can cause the fruit to split. Keep the seedlings fed every fortnight with a liquid fertiliser and once the first fruits appear change over to a high potash fertiliser to keep them nice and healthy.

Once the danger of frost has passed, plant outside in rich soil and a sunny spot.

Keep water levels in the soil nice and consistent to avoid blossom end rot.

And Finally …

“Gardener’s Delight” nectar pollen rich flowers are great for attracting bees and other wildlife to your garden.

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