John shows you how to grow lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa) very quickly and easily.

Our variety is Tom Thumb, a butterhead lettuce which can tolerate poorer growing conditions than others and you will find matures quickly.

Furthermore, Tom Thumb is a smaller butterhead lettuce and its seeds are great for growing in small spaces like city balconies, window boxes, courtyards – pots even.

Some Notes on Growing Lettuce Seeds…




Easy Step-by-Step Guide

We are sowing our lettuce seeds in a tray and indeed lettuce seeds are great for growing in containers.

Container Planting

However, if you are going to sow them directly into the ground then look for a spot in the full sun and they do like well-drained moisture retentive soil.

Firstly, timing of sowing depends on which crop you are looking for and if you are sowing early or later in the year then think about protection against the cold. Therefore, cover with horticultural fleece, cloches or grow in a plastic tunnel.

Secondly, do check your cultivars as some don’t like high soil temperatures in the summertime. As a result, high soil temperatures can prevent them from germinating.

If this is the case, then sow your lettuce later on in the cool of the day, water well and consider shading to keep them from overheating during the day.

Then …

As your seedlings are growing, thin out when the first leaves properly appear.

Keep thinning out until they are about 12 inches apart and keep watering well.

In addition, don’t forget to keep them protected from the birds. Most importantly, young lettuces should be covered with fleece or cloches if you have them.

Above all, don’t forget about those tiresome slugs and snails and a great way to control them is to watch our video on beer traps .

And finally …

Harvest your lettuces by cutting them when the leaves are big enough to eat.

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