How to Intercrop Potatoes & Lettuce in a Bag!

How to Intercrop Potatoes & Lettuce in a Bag!

What is Intercropping?

So, how to intercrop potatoes & lettuce in a bag? Intercropping means growing one quick growing crop between another slow growing crop. The quick crop will be harvested before the slower growing crop. We have planted our chitted potatoes with lettuce and the lettuce will be harvested before the potatoes are planted out.

Do not confuse intercropping with catch cropping which is growing a fast-growing crop at the same time as successive plantings of a main crop and is to be harvested first.

The potatoes we are using are our Arran Pilots which were chitted out indoors and we have used a small number of these to plant out in our bag. Do check out our video on chitting potatoes here 🥔

We sowed some Tom Thumb lettuce seeds too and these are the seedlings we are using. Tom Thumb is a butterhead lettuce and as the name suggests a compact, good for small spaces lettuce! Please click the link here for how to grow lettuce seeds 🌱

Great re-use of any plastic bag!

Why in a Bag?

At the time of writing we are in Covid-19 lockdown and Melanie’s elder daughter is living in a flat in London with a balcony and no outside garden to grow vegetables.

John was chatting with her about growing in small spaces and he suggested she try this space saving technique and grow some tasty home grown potatoes and a salad crop for her and her flatmates.

In the meantime, the beer trap was suggested too to save those lettuces from any slugs! Click here for Beer Trap Tutorial 🐌

Lettuce and Potatoes in a Bag
Not glamourous I am afraid!

Finally …

If you do try this don’t forget a good watering and keep them in a warm and light place before planting out.

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