How to Prick out Lettuce

How to Prick out Lettuce


Our Tom Thumbs

Not long ago we sowed our Tom Thumbs, put them in our garden room and they came along a treat so last Thursday we pricked them out and are looking forward to eating our salad crop in due course!

Lettuce seedlings in modular tray
Tom Thumb Lettuce Seedlings

Click here for a reminder on how to sow lettuce seeds.

We do successional sowings with our lettuces as there are many seeds so we just sow what we need and keep some back.

Don’t Forget

Slugs and Snails can be a real pest and can cause serious damage to your lettuces so have our beer trap solution is perfect to deal with them.

Lettuce seedlings in trays


 Right at the end of the video, John gives good tips on how to water in your seedlings. Mildew fungus can be a problem especially in wet weather towards the end of the Summer so when watering avoid splashing the leaves and keep the seedlings just far enough apart to ensure a good circulation of air.

John shows you how to prick out our Tom Thumb Lettuces

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