How to Propagate Succulents from Offsets

How to Propagate Succulents from Offsets

Tiger’s Jaws (Faucaria tigrina) and Echeveria elegans are tender succulents which keep on giving with their offsets as it is super easy to propagate these plants using them.

Our videos below are very similar but it is worth using both as examples of this kind of propagation.

We have had a bumper crop of our Echeveria elegans this year only because we had more of them to hand but our Tiger’s Jaws is also coming along nicely and we look forward to putting up the images of the pretty yellow blooms once they have flowered.

These versatile plants need watering each week during the Summer months and I have been rotating the pots so they don’t grow stretched. The soil is a nice well drained gritty compost and the offsets have rooted very quickly.

But Don’t Forget

These two succulents are tender and so do head over to our overwintering of tender succulents video which will guide you through how to pot up your plants which have been outside during the warm Summer months before bringing them inside for Winter to give you lovely healthy plants for Spring.

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