How To Take Root Cuttings From Tree Peonies

How To Take Root Cuttings From Tree Peonies

How to take Root Cuttings from Tree Peonies – John shows you how to take root cuttings from our tree peony Paeonia x. lemoinei “Argosy”.

Furthermore, this method of propagation is good for many other herbaceous plants, e.g. Primulas, oriental poppies, Phlox, Acanthus.

To Start…

So, how to take root cuttings from tree peonies?

Begin by digging around the base of your tree peony – or whichever plant you are taking your root cuttings from – and dig away to find a suitable root.

Next Steps

Firstly, remove any leggy, fibrous roots and also the thin end of the root.

Secondly, once you have chosen your root take about 15 cms or so and then cut into sections about 6 – 7 cms.

To ensure you know which way to put your cutting into your pot, cut horizontally across the upper end and make an angled cut at the lower end.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Root Cuttings from Tree Peonies

Thirdly, fill your pots with cuttings compost and add some extra grit to give good drainage.

Put your cuttings in about 4 cm apart with the horizontal end at surface level just showing.

In addition, put some vermiculite on top of the compost to stop them drying out.

Finish by giving your cuttings a good water and label 👍

To Finish

Finally, put somewhere warm and dark indoors and when they begin to come through and are well rooted.

Hence, move them to the light so that they can grow on before they are potted on in the spring.

Voila! That is how to take root cuttings from tree peonies.

Helpful Tips for Tree Peonies

Earlier it was noted that the best time to plant your Tree Peony is during mid-Autumn to Winter.

Therefore, if planted in Spring or Summer the plants will not establish so well as it is hotter and drier.

Good Spots to Plant your Tree Peony

Tree Peony against the sky

Naturally, your Tree Peony would like a sunny or gently shaded position in your garden.

Likewise, a sheltered spot will protect them strong winds which can damage flowers and foliage.

Additionally, avoid frost pockets as frost will damage foliage and buds – even late frosts, as a precaution although Tree Peonies are very hardy.

What Soil is Good for Your Tree Peony?

Tree Peony in flower

Tree Peonies tolerate slightly alkaline and slightly acidic soils which can be improved by organic matter being dug in such as a well-rotted manure or a garden compost.

Likewise, neutral, well-drained soils full of rich humus is the ideal.

Planting your Tree Peony

Plant deeply – a good 15 cm below ground level to encourage the roots down to moisture.

Water well and continue to regularly water – watering well will settle the soil.

Use garden compost or well-rotted manure as mulch but be careful not to pile your mulch up against the stem as this causes rotting.

Caring for your Tree Peony

Tree Peony with Bee

It is worth using an all purpose general feed fertiliser to help with the plant’s health to encourage good growth and flowering.

Because the Tree Peony are hybrids and often do not set any viable seed, do deadhead after flowering.

Pruning Your Tree Peony

As a result of being an easy maintenance plant, your Tree Peony only needs to have its flowered shoots pruned above the new growth on the stem in the summertime.

Additionally, in late wintertime, just cut back any dead, damaged or diseased shoots.

In order to encourage a good shape, cut back any leggy stems in the Autumn by about a third.

Finally – it will be very worth your while!

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