How To Take Semi-Ripe Cuttings

How To Take Semi-Ripe Cuttings

Plants are an expensive business so a great way to increase your stock for your garden is by taking semi-ripe cuttings from those that you have already growing.

Semi-ripe cuttings are great for a wide range evergreen shrubs, trees, herbs, climbers and ground-cover plants.

This inexpensive exercise is easy to do and you don’t need lots of equipment or specialist skills.


In this playlist you will see tips and advice on which cuttings you are looking for on your plant, the compost John uses, where to cut on your stem and aftercare of your cuttings in their pot. John also guides you through what are know as heel cuttings.

This playlist includes lavender, cistus and rosemary and the time to take your cuttings is from late Summer through into mid Autumn.

Take your cuttings in the morning to help prevent wilting and the material you are looking for are those stems with hard bases but still soft tips.

As a reminder, before mid Summer propagate your plants by taking softwood cuttings and after mid Autumn take hardwood cuttings as the wood hardens.