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John will continue to teach Garden History online over Zoom as the course was hugely successful following the difficulties Covid-19 brought to classroom teaching. We can now reach students all over the world who share a passion for Garden History by offering weekly, live online lectures so you can inter-react with both John and each other in real time.

No Exams or Assessments

This non-accredited course is hugely popular as a robust, leisure course without the stress of assignments, essays or studying for exams.

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20 week online course via Zoom.

Beginning: 21 September 2021


Course Outline:

The course traces the development of gardens throughout history – following styles, influences, people and plants. Beginning with the First Gardens in the Fertile Crescent and the Mediterranean right through to the Modern Gardens of today, your plant knowledge and scope as a garden designer will be greatly expanded.

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Weekly live online lectures every Tuesday 10.00 am to 1.00 pm, with coffee breaks on the hour

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