Training Cordon Tomatoes

Training Cordon Tomatoes


Now our tomatoes are growing…

cordon tomatoes
Our Resident Expert inspecting our Black Sea Man Tomatoes

So now that our Black Sea Man tomatoes have been planted using ring culture – click here for our video tutorial – it is time to train them up our canes.

We trained our tomatoes in early May

To Grow

We are lucky to have hazel woodland and so John did a grand job selecting and cutting our canes for our tomatoes.

We had two plants to grow so we tied the main stem of each one to each cane by winding string around and making sure the stems were well-anchored.

Go around removing the sideshoots and ..

Don’t Forget

It is so important to keep removing the side shoots from your plants after you have trained them up your canes otherwise you will end up with an unruly tangled mess.

Remove sideshoots
Keep removing the side shoots

How High?

We are growing them in our garden room to when they reach the top of the cane we will remove the top growing point of the main stem two leaves above the top truss.

Tomatoes ripening
Our Black Sea Man tomatoes coming along

Watering your Tomatoes

Keep watering your tomatoes and keep the soil or compost evenly moist or your fruit can split. If you don’t water regularly, blossom end rot can set in which is down to a lack of regular water and a lack of calcium in the soil. Blossom End Rot causes the bottom of the fruit to turn black and become sunken.

Watering can
Keep Watering Regularly

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