John Horsey Horticulture Videos

Keep your heather healthy by cutting back after flowering at the end of the year to bounce back for you next Spring

John shows you how to prune your Victoria plum fruit tree to keep it contained to give you a healthy crop of fruit.

Having overwintered your hardy salvia it’s worth taking cuttings as a precaution in case there is a particularly hard Winter.

A great way to rejuvenate your plants & increase your stock for FREE – dividing your herbaceous perennials helps maintain healthy, robust plants.

A step-by-step guide showing you how to repot an olive tree.

Overwintering hardy herbaceous perennials keeps plants happy & healthy.

It’s Autumn and time to take semi-ripe cuttings from your marguerite daisies because they are not hardy.

Quick video showing you how to plant a heather bed using winter flowering heathers for all-year colour.

This very reliable PERENNIAL, penstemon will flower into mid-Autumn: a great late flowering plant beautiful for creating cottage gardens.

Many herbaceous plants can be propagated by taking root cuttings.

A quick run-through on how to spot & deal with vine weevils in your garden.

This video shows you how to take hardwood cuttings from dogwood using Cornus alba.

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